2020 – Let the Games Begin

So far I’ve enjoyed 2020. Winter has been weird. A bit too warm. Not enough snow. But I have a nice hat. So thats nice.
Beat Borderlands 2, now on to Borderlands :The Pre-Sequel. And some Rocket League of course.

Been learning Blender. Its fun.

Summer gaming challenge

I’ve decided my backlog of games I own but never played is far too big. So this summer im going to try and get thru as many as I can. I’ve already found some surprises. What Remains of Edith Finch so far seems to be a very well done story driven game set in a beautiful world. I got Slime Rancher for free from the Epic Games biweekly free game giveaway. Didnt think much of it because it looked silly but meh, it was free. Finally fired it up and was pleasantly surprised at how fun it is.

Life Goes On is a fun Lemmings-esque I’ve taken quite the shine to lately. Check it out!

Headlander – A Double Fine game

I got this game gifted to me on Christmas from redditor voidcontrol from /r/randomactsofgaming

Its a fun game with unique gameplay… you’re a head. There are robots. You steal their bodies. I love the 70s style and design. Check it out!