Wedding-Nintendo-Day Reddidt mega thread of Awesomeness

Stumbled into /r/randomactsofgaming and came across this thread.   It is chalk full of awesomeness. I’ll list some of what i found…

If youre like me and cant sleep without a fan or some sort of white noise going on check this site out:

Redditor MoistCloister posted it along with the suggestion of a couple of jazz songs to go with it. Miles Davis was one of them, along with a  clip of this one hour jam from the anime Godot

Cowboy Bebop works too

Up next we have this:

Just check it out.


Wait But Why

Oddity Central

Random thiingsto do

Doge Weather

Need a movie too watch?

Because of course:

A little ditty about game theory:


Whoa. alright. Time to stop. And now, this:

Danbo in a summer hat


Eclipse Day

Unfortunately we wont get totality in Burlington, but it should be interesting. Its almost at totality on the west coast right now. Pretty neat

Sunday Funday

I haven’t been outside all day. I wanna go to the beach but no one else seems to wanna join. I’m definitely going tomorrow, its gunna be almost 90. So instead im inside watching random youtube videos like:

I can only do that so long so I’ve moved on to Sarah Silvermans HBO special. Pretty good so far. I find she usually delivers.

Sarah Silverman HBO Special
Sarah Silverman HBO Special