Wedding-Nintendo-Day Reddidt mega thread of Awesomeness

Stumbled into /r/randomactsofgaming and came across this thread.   It is chalk full of awesomeness. I’ll list some of what i found…

If youre like me and cant sleep without a fan or some sort of white noise going on check this site out:

Redditor MoistCloister posted it along with the suggestion of a couple of jazz songs to go with it. Miles Davis was one of them, along with a  clip of this one hour jam from the anime Godot

Cowboy Bebop works too

Up next we have this:

Just check it out.


Wait But Why

Oddity Central

Random thiingsto do

Doge Weather

Need a movie too watch?

Because of course:

A little ditty about game theory:


Whoa. alright. Time to stop. And now, this:

Danbo in a summer hat


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